Player Interview: Winz

Name: Michael BIGNET
Age: 26
Favorite Games: Q3/QL
Favorite Hobbies: Used to do sports many years ago but I guess I got lazier as I grew up :P . Now whenever I’m not ‘working’, I just do what I enjoy the most lately: Quake, random games with friends and watch tv shows. Nothing that interesting =P

You recently donated $1,000 for Evil’s trip to Quakecon, what made you donate such a big amount? Have you met Evil in person?
I never met evil no :) . I just read on ESR he was unlikely to go due to lack of sponsors/donations which is a shame as I think he has been of late one of the most dedicated, dominant and so most deserving player in Europe to go there. Since I do have the money to help out I decided to offer him that deal. If he wins money there, he’s gonna pay me back, if he doesn’t then I have lost $1,000. Either way I won’t be making any profit.
Considering the lineup though and the tournament structure, as some people pointed out, this isn’t a huge risk and I’d be very surprised if he doesn’t reach top3. At the end of the day, I only offered him the possibility to pay that trip with his -very probably- future prizes.

So you aren’t going to Quakecon this year. What are your reasons?
Mostly because the team mode that is going to be played competitively is dull and boring in my opinion as well as not worth it financially. I don’t really play duel anymore and I wasn’t interested in going there spending money to play a mode I dislike.

What do you expect to see out of Quakecon this year? Any new games possible Doom 4?
Not much besides good QL games to be honest. I don’t expect much from Doom4 as a multiplayer game as the last Doom was focused on singleplayer and used sell their new engine. A Quake5 announcement could potentially be exciting if done right with the proper features it nowadays requires but I won’t keep my hopes too high. =P

What are your predictions for Quake Live Duel? Top 4
1. evil
2. Dahang
3. rapha
4. stermy/Zero4
I really hope stermy is going to do well but I do think he was inactive for too long to be able to come back at his highest level within 3 weeks. May he prove me wrong!

You stated on ESR that you do not like the current time limit for Duel.
Yes this is correct and this is one of the reasons I decided to stop duelling.

Would you want the time limit to be 15 minutes or would you want to test other numbers out like 12 minutes or 13 minutes?
I don’t know if 12 or 13 minutes would be sufficient to decrease the randomness and allow proper comebacks so I think I’d rather go back to what was the standard back then, 15minutes.

What are the pros and cons of the current 10 minute time limit?
Can’t see many pros besides that maybe it’s less tiresome for some people? :P
As for the cons, I’ll just quote myself:
TL10 just increases the impact randomness will have on the outcome of the game because you don’t really have much time to make up for an unlucky start (or else), even more so on one sided maps such as aero/dm6/hektik.. well pretty much every maps except ztn really, I guess it’s the reason why it’s the most played map, it’s the easiest one to play out of control.

While obviously, not making any mistake should be rewarded and is what players should aim for when practicing, I do think in its current state duel is overall too punitive if you make any mistake or just get unlucky due to how short the games are.

Anyway, I do prefer TL15 over 10 big time and voted for it. I know a few old players who gave up on duel on QL because of that reason. Maybe we just happen to be nostalgic.

Would another variable like Frag Limit be viable for Duel?
Possibly. Or a frag difference limit Perhaps, just to avoid senseless rapes. I don’t think it matters that much as people got used to just forfeit when they feel the game is over. I don’t necessarily agree with that and we used to finish our games no matter what the score is before but I can’t really blame them either. A frag difference limit or fraglimit could be used to prevent people from just forfeiting maybe? :)

You also posted on ESR your wishes for a new map pool.
Yes, it’s discouraging to have to play each map a thousand times before you get to know them as well as your opponent. Ztn is one of my favorite map of all time but I’d rather see it gone with the rest of the oldies to be replaced by an entirely new map pool. It’s maybe the reason why the duel scene has been so stagnant in the last years.
Map pools are also of more maps than they were before, up to 7 maps in some cups which is way too many in my opinion as it significantly increases the time required to practice in order to master them. Please don’t add t4 and dm6 back to map pools in order to have a 7 maps map pool. :|

Have you played the new Quake Live maps? (Fuse, Delirium, Silence, Cure, Sinister)
I have not but I’ve watched all of the one map cups so I have an ok understanding of them.

Which map do you like the best out of the new ones?
I definitely prefer Delirium/Fuse/Sinister over the rest simply because they have an items layout that is less a pain in the ass for the guy out of control. Same layout as ztn: 2 YA, 1 RA and 1 MH, it is way more balanced that way in my opinion.

Which game out of Quake 4, Quake Live, Shootmania, Unreal 2k4 did you enjoy the most playing competitively?
Q4/QL/UT2k4 all had different aspects that were fun to me. Shootmania and enjoy in the same sentence.. doesn’t feel right.
If I have to pick one, I will go for Quakelive/Quake3 simply for the smoothness in the movements but I do kinda miss the shock rifle from UT and the sliding on Q4. :D

Will you be attending the Shootmania ESWC Event? Did you play Shootmania soley for the money?
That will be a maybe, I haven’t decided yet.
We have been invited to defend our title but I think I’d rather not play as that game depresses and frustrates me. I never liked it and played it because there was really easy money to be won on it. It was/is a financial opportunity to take, I learned from my mistake on Painkiller and decided to take it this time.
It’s in my opinion impossible to like that game as a Quake player, it is inferior in EVERY way and is an insult to esports, to what FPS used to be and to what FPS should be in a competitive environment.

Which ESWC Championship did you enjoy the most?
ESWC2006 on Quake4 definitely, the scene was huge with the thousands of people cheering for each of my frag.. just unforgettable memory. :)

Have you delved into other genres? (mobas, rts, fighting games)
Like everyone I’ve played quite a few games, mostly with friends, but I’m not interested in any other genre than FPS competitively.

Thank you for for your time!
Thanks to you, my pleasure.