After many sunday cups, the FaceIT Spring Season is almost over.  With only one regular season cup left, we look at which players can sneak in to the play off spot.

current standings


Rank Europe Standings Points
1 Cooller* 88
2 P0ni* 86
3 Agent* 84
4 Dem0n* 70
5 Pavel* 62
6 Cypher 40
7 Evil 38
8 Twister 34
9 Matr0x 32
10 strenx 24

*Clinch Playoff Spot



I believe that europe will be the top 7 players.  In this scenario we have Pavel, Dem0n, Agent, P0ni, and Cooller having a secure lock for advancing. Cypher, Evil, Twister, Matr0x, and Strenx will be duking it out for the last 2 spots.  In order for strenx to have a chance to advance, he would have to win the last spring cup.  Matr0x and Twister have a little more cushion than Strenx, both these players need to place at least top 4 in the last cup to have a good shot at advancing.  This leaves the current holders for the last 2 spots, Evil and Cypher. These are two top 5 level players that are capable of winning the last summer cup. Unless they don’t show up, they currently have a good chance at keeping their playoff spots.

Rank America Standings Points
1 DaHanG* 116
2 Rapha 88

North America standings are lop sided. DaHanG has taken the only playoff spot. Winning four Sunday cups to Rapha’s two Sunday cups. Rapha also missed out on earning points for one weekend. DaHanG will be representing North America in the FaceIT Spring Season Finals.


Watch the final FaceIT Spring Sunday Cup this Sunday on FaceitTV