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Doomsd4y Interview

Mouse: Logitech G400Sensitivity: 4.6, m_pitch and yaw 0.018, 400 dpiMousepad: Golliathus Speed FraggedKeyboard: TTsports Challenger ProMonitor: Samsung 2233rzHey doomsd4y how are you doing? Are you ex... »

Winz Interview

Mouse: Logitech G100s, 1000 dpiSensitivity: 1.3Mousepad: Ozone evolutionKeyboard: QPAD MK-50 Red switchesMonitor: BenQ XL2411TYou are competing at Quakecon this year! Why are you competing this year a... »

Interview With ins

Mouse: ZOWIE Ec2 eVoSensitivity: 0.89 (2300 DPI)Mousepad: Steelseries QCKKeyboard: It’s blackMonitor: Random LCDSo ins, when did you start playing Quake? What is your Quake story?I started Quake when ... »